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What's Happening Behind the Scene - Hercove

Time for an update - it's been a while...

As most of you know, I recently welcomed my sweetest little girl to our family. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a mum in business, however my time to get creative and make all of our products has been challenging with a new born. 

So I have decided to close my little shop here in Nimmitabel. 

It has been an absolute joy creating all of our products, from the huge variety of jewellery, to all our luscious bath and body products. 

I have loved all of our new and returning customers, however I need to take a step back as I can not manage the work load in this point of time. 

We will continue to keep the website open for you all to enjoy, and I will hopefully have more time to get back to our live sale events. Hooray!!

In the meantime, I will need to build a studio to work from home again and set it all up with my equipment and supplies. EXCITING!

So yes... lot's is happening here and we will be back real soon!

Hope to catch you all on a live event in the future. 

Thanks again for the love and continual support

- Casie, Hercove

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